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Hello, my name is Patrick the founder of Paranormal

Scientific Investigations. PSI New York. I have always been

interested in the paranormal. When I was a child, I had

two things that happened to me that I could not explain.

As I got older, I came to the understanding that what had

happened was paranormal. As an adult, I worked for a

private government agency and seen many things. Now

 that I am retired, for the past 9 years, I have been

investigating the paranormal and have now opened this

website dedicated to paranormal investigations. My team

takes a scientific approach to the study of paranormal


Our work is a serious study of the paranormal, consisting

of heavy research on what we are investigating, be it a

home, a church, a historic area or a cemetery.

We do believe that there is life after death. We believe

that some who die meandor here on this plain, because

they left with unfinished business, a strong link to their

lives they had here, or were taken suddenly, due to

murder, accidental causes or natural disasters.

We also do know that there is far more than our simple

lives here upon earth.

There is a world, yet in another dimension, or even several

more dimensions, as science has already proved. One

 without time, one without pain and suffering, one that has

no limits as we are all so used to here on earth. It is my

dream to one day prove by using science and technology,

that a doorway to that world will be opened.

I have a project that I have been working on that I hope to

one day complete that will do just that. But like everything

else in this world the cost is not cheap. I will continue to

look for funding for my project. In the meantime, we will

gather high tech evidence from our investigations so that

one day we will be able to show that this is a science. 

That there is a place that we go once we leave the physical

body. Right now, just like a 80 years or so when man

looked toward the night sky and the moon and talked

about leaving this planet, it was thought by many as crazy

or science fiction. Yet today, we have done both. The last

step I feel is to show the world that there is a place that

we live on after death.  With help I will prove that to be a


Our goal is to help those whom do not understand the

concept of the paranormal. To better understand it, and to

be able to live free from all fear of it.

We, personally, do not believe there is anything to fear

from those who have passed on. We do believe that fear

alone can cause even more fear   of the unknown and can

build things that are not there at all. We try very hard to

bring only understanding to those who are unaware, so

that they may find a level of peace within themselves,

dealing with the unknown.

If you have any questions, and are seeking some answers,

feel free to contact us.We would be happy to help you in

any way that we can. Thank you again for stopping by and

I hope that we can bring help to someone who is seekin

to understand the paranormal. 

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